LandEscapes is a Boutique Firm Specializing in Custom design for outdoor Living Spaces of Distinction, as it is an essential part of living in Florida, after all..

Discover what the needs are for your project and learn what type of environment and lifestyle elements you prefer. I educate you on how to incorporate landscaping with design and give you a realistic and accurate evaluation.


Outdoor living is essential to your lifestyle, and an extension of your home. Leveraging a history of successful landscape design, I design outdoor spaces of distinction, from the initial concept to completion.


Creating a visual representation of what your design will look like, is important to help you understand how the space will be transformed into a beautiful design. I also provide concepts for board reviews.


Integrating your design with the surrounding architecture is an important part of seeing your design dream come true. I help with meeting requirements for permitting, preservation of historical purposes and green space requirements.


Proper installation and setup of your design, ensures the different elements and technicalities of the project make your dream design a reality. I handle the project management so you can focus on watching the magic as your design comes to life.


After your design is done, it’s important to have proper care and maintenance. As things grow, I provide guidance for the longevity and revisions to your design as you experience it, keeping it fresh and ensuring the design stays current, lively, and dynamic.